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April 23, 2014

Weight Watchers Wednesday (16)

Wow, it's been awhile, right? That's okay. I have progress to report, so that's always a good thing!

I'll first say that I head into tomorrow's at-work meeting fully expecting a little bit of a gain. I hope it's just a little bit. But I've not been good tracking the past couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, I had a "no change" on the scale from three weeks ago. And last week, I didn't attend the meeting. And I haven't stepped on the scale at my house either.

I have, however, continued to exercise regularly -- I made every Crossfit workout last week Monday-Friday, then I ran 4.5 miles Saturday, took Sunday off, ran 3.25 miles Monday and did Crossfit yesterday. I plan to do it again today and the remainder of the week.

I broke through and got under 160 pounds for the first time since Dominic was about 8 months old. And, if I remember correctly, I didn't stay under 160 for very long at that time. The last official weigh-in put me 3.6 pounds away from my goal of 155.

Now, it's tempting to try and talk myself into allowing the weight I am officially at now to be my goal...but I am not going to give in. I want to reach five pounds under the top of the "healthy range" and maintain it for 6 weeks and get to LIfetime status with Weight Watchers. I must keep my eye on the prize!!

As this is the first WWW in awhile, I think I'll do a little recap of the journey so far.

Here's a recap:
10/31/13 -- First Weigh-in Weight: 189.2 pounds and BMI was 29.6
11/28/13 (one month in) --   Weight: 180.4 (down 8.8 pounds) and BMI was 28.3
12/19/14 (First recap post)-- Weight: 176.2 (down total of 13.0 pounds) and BMI was 27.6
1/23/14 (last recap post) -- Weight: 170.0 (down a total of 19.2 pounds) and BMI was 26.6
2/27/14 (four months in) -- Weight: 166.2 (down a total of 23.0 pounds) and BMI was 26.0
3/27/14 (five months in) -- Weight: 163.4 (down a total of 25.8 pounds) and BMI was 25.6
4/10/14 (two weeks ago) -- Weight 158.6 (down a total of 30.6 pounds) and BMI is 24.8

I will note that 25 is the border between "normal" and "overweight" in BMI world. So, I am very happy to have moved into "normal".

Here are the first pictures I shared:

And I haven't done a selfie or anything, but I did have one of the coaches at Crossfit videotape me touching my toes to the bar. I look forward to getting good enough to string 5 or 10 of these bad boys together...

So, this is me on 4/22/14:

Of course, I also posted this pic recently about my work pants, that can show the transformation, too. :)

Well, I am almost there. While I may be a little up on the scale tomorrow, I think I have my resolve back to knock these last few pounds off in the next few weeks. Hopefully, I can maintain the resolve that long, haha.

Have a great week!

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  1. This is so great, Michelle!

    What an inspiration you are!


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