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May 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 77

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting! 

Wow, I haven't participated in 7QT for a long time!
--- 1 ---

I missed my Weight Watchers Wednesday post this week. My apologies. I will just use this QT to give you the low-down. First of all, last week, I WAS up as I expected. I was up 3 pounds. But, I kinda knew I would be. So, I worked hard MOST of the week to track everything and all that jazz. I say MOST of the week, because well...WEEKEND! I was not good about tracking the weekend.

The good news is that yesterday, I was indeed down 2.6 pounds so all was not lost. The topic of the meeting yesterday was Plateaus. Of course they discussed how hitting a plateau is probably due to relaxing a bit on what we are doing, not really because our body decided not to lose any weight for awhile. I have to agree with that as I have been lax the past few weeks, and hence, have not made more progress to hitting my goal. I recommitted yesterday to tracking everything and I hope to stick with that all week. I also will be drinking more water. See, I have started drinking the diet coke again. Blah. I just get so bored drinking ONLY water and I like diet coke. Oh well, we'll get there, I guess.

So I hope to have a Weight Watchers Wednesday post up again next week to let you know how the rest of this week goes!

--- 2 ---

I started a daily journal a couple of weeks ago and my intent was to do a post about a "day-in-the-life" of moi. Well, yeah...I only got a couple days in. I am not sure why I think I need multiple days to bring a "day-in-the-life" post to you all, it's not like I'm doing "week-in-the-life."
What I discovered, however, is that I do a ton of multi-tasking. I know it's necessary, but it's still rather shocking that I only seem to focus on ONE thing at a time when I am at Crossfit or in the shower or something.
Literally, one of my entries looked like this: 
6:35-6:45 a.m.: whisk through the hallway knocking on doors, ensuring big kids are getting up, put Vincent on the potty, go into the kitchen and put away the dishes that were washed the night before, fill my water cup, get my lunch put together, get Vincent off the potty and while dressing him, shoo Dominic into the bathroom to potty. Then grab the hairbrush Helen is thrusting into my face and brush her hair and put it into the side pony or the on-top-of-her-head pony that she wants for the day and then run to the kitchen to get breakfast for the boys.

And another from the same day in the evening:

7:30 p.m.: Arrive home after volleyball practice, throw leftovers into the microwave, provide adequate sympathy to Craig, who is nursing an injury he received at Crossfit, see we have 2 dozen eggs left hard-boiled in the fridge that need to be deviled. While eating, make a list of what I need to devil the eggs (didn't have everything). By 7:45 I'm heading out to the grocery store to get stuff, I get back, help get kids to bed and then put the deviled eggs together. All while kinda/sorta paying attention to the Royals game on TV.

So, My life is crazy, y'all.

--- 3 ---

I am running a 5K tomorrow for our city's Corporate Challenge. I'm really excited that I anticipate running it about 5 minutes faster than last year. I'm not going to win by any means, but I love seeing my improvement this year. I have several things coming up that will help me see that, by the way. There's the Hospital Hill 10K June 6 where I am shooting for a sub-60 minute race. Then there is the mile race for Corporate Challenge, the swimming events for corporate challenge. A couple of triathlons this summer and a half marathon in September.

--- 4 ---

One of the great things about doing Crossfit is I can see improvement there all the time, too. I was just thinking. I've been consistent at Crossfit since November 1. Going at least 3 times and usually 4 times per week. Sometimes I even make it there 5 times in a week. The Burpees that I struggled through (and HATED!!!) in November and December, I can "kill it" when we do them now! I don't LOVE them or anything, but I able to get them done in much shorter order now. And pull-ups...I think it's time I always used the blue band instead of the green (but sometimes I feel chicken, especially when there are a lot of pullups in the WOD). I can lift 110# over my head. There's just so much I can do now! I love being strong.
--- 5 ---
Helen will receive First Holy Communion for the first time on Sunday. Keep her in your prayers, if you think of it. She's very excited. So am I. I seriously think that my children receiving Sacraments is the best thing ever. Let that Grace pour down on their souls!!
Gammer and Grandad sent this homemade card to Helen this week:
I am SO not the crafty mom. But I sure do appreciate the crafty stuff!!

--- 6 ---

Check this out. A woman at work makes doll clothes (here's her site: www.bkeyart.com) and I asked her to make a First Communion dress for Helen's American Girl doll, Jessica. And she did! With a veil. Here is a picture of the dress on her "model":

--- 7 ---

I have decided I am ready to cut the hair. I did go red (well, mostly strawberry blonde) back in March. I loved the color, but became more disenchanted with the length. So, I pinned and searched and determined that it's time for the "bob" cut again. Here are some pics I sent the stylist for what I'm going for:

I have natural wave, so maybe this one...

But...I usually straighten my hair...so this one might be the one

I am figuring with the straightened look, this is what the back will look like

Seriously...I cannot wait to have my hair cut next week. It's time. I guess that I needed to get to this point to be ready to chop it off. But now I am there and really looking forward to it!

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  1. Hope Helen and all of you have a wonderful time this weekend! Congratulations!!

  2. The dress for her doll is brilliant! I can't wait to see your haircut. And yes, your life is crazy!

  3. Oh my goodness, that card and the doll dress are adorable! Congratulations to Helen on her First Communion :)


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