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June 6, 2014

7 QT about Summer Vacations, Achieving Goals, Running Races and A Giveaway - 81

A huge thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting this Blog Carnival every week.

--- 1 ---

It's been a fun first week of summer! My girls got to visit some friends they hadn't seen (moved away) but had corresponded with over the past year.

Helen and her Snail Mail Pen Pal!
Dani and her e-mail buddy!
All of the girls together
Silly Picture!

It was a lot of fun for them.

--- 2 ---

They also got a treat of a day in The Windy City. That link will take you to Sarah's Flipagram, I hope!

Basically, my girls got a vacation from their parents and got to hang out with grandparents all week. I hope they had fun hanging out together all week and I can't wait to hear all about their week tonight when I get home from work! Our house was very quiet.

--- 3 ---

Dominic spent a few days with his Grandma, who helped us out by taking him to his first Tennis Lesson. Dominic is signed up for three weeks of Tues-Thurs Youth Tennis lessons. Grandma was very generous and bought him a racquet of his very own!

Ahhhh, how cute is this?!?

--- 4 ---

You know how I told you all I'd decided to adjust my goal weight with Weight Watchers to the top of the range so I could get to Lifetime and stop paying? Yeah...so, since I had been under that weight (or within 2 pounds of it) for 6 weigh-ins, I was granted Lifetime Status yesterday with Weight Watchers! How excited was I?

The star signifies goal weight and the
gold key is the Lifetime Charm
Here's a little photo collage I put together to commemorate this event...

Yay! I am so very happy! :)
So, I hit the top of the range (160 pounds) back on April 3. I've been maintaining that weight as I've tried to get to 155 for the past couple of months. So, adjusting my goal does a couple of things: 1) Gets me to Lifetime immediately and 2) gives me a little (more) cushion as I maintain long-term with having to pay. I still hope to get to 155 or even lower, but at least this way, I can stop paying the monthly dues and I get the E-tools for free, too! Yay for saving money!!

--- 5 ---

I am running the Hospital Hill 10K on Saturday. This is my third year in a row. in 2012, I ran it in about an hour and 18 minutes. Last year, I ran it in an hour and 9 minutes. Guess what? I am thinking I should run it in about an hour, maybe even under an hour by a minute or two. Well, three weeks ago, I did a long run of 6.18 miles and did it in 60 minutes, so I that is where I get my thought from. Of course, race day can be tricky. The weather is not supposed to be all that good -- they are calling for rain/thunderstorms tomorrow morning. I also know that no matter what you do to prepare...something you eat can mess with you, or you just might feel tired that day. Either way, I am going to go and have some fun running it anyway!

--- 6 ---

At the packet pickup, there were lots of vendors. Ever since I got my hair cut short, I've been trying to figure out what to wear on my head that can keep my hair out of my face. My hair is no longer long enough for a ponytail and most headbands don't stay in place. Well, I'm going to try these Bondi Bands. They have cute sayings on them and as long as you pull them below the hair line, they are supposed to keep sweat out of your eyes and stay in place. Craig got one that says "Will Run for BEER" haha. I couldn't decide on one and figured I might need more than one anyway, so I got three:

I think I'll wear "Stronger than yesterday" tomorrow :)

--- 7 ---

I'm going to leave this 7th quick take from last week because I have 87 "LIKE"s on my FB Page for Endless Strength and I want to get to 100 so that I can giveaway...

I got a Holy Spirit Holy Card since Pentecost is Sunday

So -- if you are on Facebook, search for Endless Strength Blog and "LIKE" my page. I am about 13 "LIKE"s away from 100. Be sure to invite others to "LIKE" it, too.

</shameless FB Page Plug>

Here's a silly selfie from our dinner at a mexican restaurant we love last night. Love my sweet Dominic...

Silly Mommy, Sweet Boy
Have a terrific weekend and be sure to go check out Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes Posts!



  1. Congrats on Lifetime! What a great achievement!!

  2. Your comment about quiet house made me think of this past Monday, when I took the kids to the library after dinner to sign up for summer reading. Christian had students in the house, and they tiptoed downstairs and whispered, "But it's so...quiet!" I cracked up when he told me that. Usually there's a lot of shouting in the evening. Ahem. My shouting. Trying to get them to clean the table, for instance.

  3. Congrats on reaching a new place with WW, and have a great time at the race tomorrow!


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