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June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes re: Birthday, Vacations, Running Injury & Recreation - 83

It is my second-to-last Friday to work before my vacation! I love it! I'm excited to have a long summer vacation for the first time ever. I know my family is excited, too.

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting the 7QT.

--- 1 ---
I have been ready for my vacation from work for a long time. It's been since last spring since I have had a full calendar week off from work. But it's been on my list to get my vacation time in the summer for a long time. My kids get frustrated when I have to work all summer since they are off from school. At my company, paid time off is selected in order of seniority in most areas, and I was new kid on the block for many of my years here. My current leadership team simply works among ourselves for time off and we don't seem to pay much attention to seniority -- just whether we can cover whomever is out. I like it.

--- 2 ---
We are looking forward to seeing family and friends. Craig and I and the boys will get to hang out with my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife and all the kids who will still be home (not going to camp). I need to inquire about whether a meet-up is possible with an old high school friend of mine that lives in the Charlotte area, too. I know he and my husband met MAYBE when Sarah was 1? I saw him a few years back, but it's been awhile.

Dani and Helen are going to the Children of Mary Religion Camp -- they can't wait! They will attend with three of their cousins, so yay for uninterrupted cousin time!! Sarah will get to go on a little adventure of her own, to visit cousins, one of whom is 6 weeks her junior (she likes to make sure everyone knows who is older...) and the other who is a couple years older. It's her birthday/some-of-Christmas present. I think she's excited.

Dominic tried to tell me he'd rather we stayed here so he could play with his buddy, Jack. I told him he can play with Jack any time while we're here, but he'll have fun with all the boy cousins he never gets to see. I bet he'll be crying to stay when it's time to come home.
Cousin time is an awesome thing.

--- 3 ---
Blogging was light this week because it was such a busy week! Every day, I've worked, then gone straight to Crossfit and then gone straight to a swim meet of some sort. On Monday through Wednesday, it was the Corporate Challenge swim meet where I competed. On Thursday, I took a rest day,  but had to go directly to Dani's swim meet. I have hardly seen my family this week!

So today, I got up early and went to Crossfit before work. And that means I can get off work and go straight home and hang out with my kids! I told Sarah we'd "pepper" a bit with the volleyball, I'll be outside playing with the boys, and of course, cuddle with my Helen. Dani's getting a special day with her dad today at the swim team's Oceans of Fun outing, but I'll be happy to see her tonight, too.

--- 4 ---
I got a text from Sarah today with a picture of the birthday wish list she helped Vincent make. Yes, we have another birthday...Monday! Vincent will be 3!! and here is his wish list:

A 3-yr-old's wish list
I really was leaning toward getting him a big cardboard box with bubble wrap and packing peanuts in it...

Seriously, though, the kid has everything. He has tons of clothes. Our house is full of every kind of children's book, puzzle, age-appropriate game. It's difficult to be original with this kid. Besides, he truly doesn't need that much to be content. He loves to play outside. I do think if we just let him have a day at the park and never said, "Time to leave" or "Time for a nap" or "it's time to take a bath and go to bed" he'd be in his 3-year-old version of Heaven.

Oh hey -- check it out, he wants a Kit Kat and M&M's. Maybe I can get by with that. :) If I were all pinterest-y, I could make this cake...
Photo Found Here

--- 5 ---
The younger four, along with Craig and me, got some pool time in last Saturday. Helen's been doing fabulous with her swimming. Just a year ago, that child wouldn't stop clinging to me in a pool and last Saturday, she and Dani were off playing together and I saw her swimming, going under and everything. That makes my heart happy because I really want all of my kids to enjoy swimming.

Both of my boys kept putting themselves in position for these fountains
to shoot up their backsides. Many laughs.

There's our Dani-girl!

Sweet Helen

--- 6 ---

One thing I haven't mentioned here yet is that I'm suffering through some kind of hurt/injury in my high hamstring area and running has been sparse. The Tuesday before I ran the Hospital Hill 10K, the Crossfit workout included a set of 5 x 200m sprints. The first three went fine, but about 1/4 through the fourth sprint, I felt something pull in my left hip/glute area. I was about 4 seconds slower on that one and then my 5th one was almost 10 seconds slower, my leg was hurting. I rested it the rest of the week, then when I ran my 10K, it hurt pretty much throughout. I probably would have gone a little bit faster, as a matter of fact, had I not been hurting there.

I have continued to crossfit and do not have any problems squatting, jumping, rowing, using the Airdyne or anything like that. When running (if I did what was called for in the WODs) kept hurting I took a week off and simply rowed while everyone else ran. This past Sunday, I decided to try running and while the pain wasn't as sharp, it was still there. Then on Monday, I was in pain while sitting again. (Yes, whatever I did happened up under my buttock area, so it actually throbs while I am sitting.)

An online nurse friend sent me this article which talks about something called High Hamstring Tendinopathy. It seems like it could be a tendinitis of some sort up where the high hamstring attaches. Of course, I don't have an official diagnosis. Most likely, the only way to get better is to lay off the running, which I am not happy about, but since I can do all the other stuff at crossfit, shouldn't hurt my ability to stay in shape. Hamstrings are one of those things that take forever to fully heal. And, I know that "running shape" is its own bag anyway, so at some point I will have to work it back in, but for now, I'm done running for a period of time. I think I'll give it a month and then see what happens. In the meantime, I think I'll visit my first chiropractor on Wednesday and see what that's all about. Not sure it will help with this issue, but I have a neck-popping issue (unintentional -- but it happens when I least expect it and I do NOT like it!) that I would like to see if it can be addressed.

--- 7 ---

We're having Vincent's family bday party on Sunday so that Grandma and my sister and her family can make it. Craig's in-town sister will actually be out-of-town, so it will just be us, but that's fine with me. I'm sure Vincent will be happy regardless. We are heading into this new place in parenting where all the kids are getting bigger and there's no newborn hanging around. It has made me aware of things that I haven't been aware of before with my kids. It's good, but it's so very different. I find that I like being a mother of bigger kids. A lot. I love babies, I really do, but I am finding that I enjoy my bigger children a lot more than I thought I would.

Well, there might be a blog post hiding in that last thought. :)

PS: I am 2 "Likes" on the Endless Blog Facebook page away from my giveaway. Share and Like it up, my friends! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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