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June 30, 2014

Dear Vincent (Part 3)

Dear Vincent,
Do you realize you are the only kid that (now) has three posts (on this blog) all addressed to YOU? I wrote to you twice when you were still in my womb

Just 12 hours old...
I have always been particularly fond of communicating with you through this blog. Perhaps when you are older, you'll read some of it. I don't know what you'll think, but I hope you'll be able to see just how much I have always loved you and your siblings.

You found your favorite hiding/mischief spot early!
Always had a knack of finding those
spots you just fit into...
Today is your birthday! You are three years old. It feels incredible to say that. You are my youngest child on this earth and you are now a little boy and not really a baby anymore. You don't need diapers and you talk more and more every day. You have a fantastic personality -- you're funny, active, persistent, sweet and loving, too.

Can't keep you indoors to save our lives
You still have me wrapped around your little finger. You've always given me a look that makes me feel like I'm the only woman you'll ever love (and I LOVE it...) and I'm happy to say that your little hiatus or preferring Daddy to me is over, at least for now. 

When I drop you off in the morning, you want to give me hugs and kisses. If I leave the house, you run after me saying, "Kiss! Kiss! I need Kiss!!!" At night, you've begun to sing the songs with me as I sing to you before you fall asleep. I love that. You're the only child of mine that has done that. By now, the other children have grown tired of bedtime songs, but not you. You insist and you belt out the tunes as if you'd written the songs yourself!

You MUST be outside as much as possible -- if nothing
organized is going on, you "tinker."

This past Easter Sunday
You love to play outside much more than I remember the other kids. You actually ask if you can go outside, and while you're out there, you will play and do anything. You love to kick the ball around, or throw it. You will play with bigger toys if they are around. But even if there are no toys, your imagination knows no bounds! 

Getting so big!
You're more of a daredevil than your older brother. You will jump off just about anything and you love to climb, climb climb! I don't think there is anything you can't do. You threw a ball a pretty good distance when you were only 9 months old and you love to swim! You will kick your legs and try to move your arms -- almost as though you are a natural in the pool.
You love the bigger little kid toys...

One of the most fun things about you is how you laugh and make jokes so openly about things the rest of us would rather not mention. You were thrilled to get your turn with the Whoopie Cushion the girls brought home from your grandparents' house.

And...the Whoopie Cushion!!!
But one of the most heart-warming things I've had the pleasure to hear has been you wishing you could be with your brother or your sisters. Sometimes, you'd rather stay home from daycare when you know your brother will be home so that you can play with him. Sometimes, you ask me to bring along your sisters on a quick errand because you want to have them with you in the car. Sometimes, it's just the fact that all four of the older ones will create a game completely centered on you and the five of you will play together for a little while. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing all five of you working or playing together in harmony.

You're just so gosh-darned sweet
So, today, as you turn three, I look back over these past three years and I see this beautiful boy who is growing into his own little person and finding his place in this world. And right now, that is just figuring out how you fit into this family as the youngest of five.

And you're doing a fabulous job. I love you so much, Vincent. Happy Birthday!

A moment I'm so pleased to remember with this photo

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