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June 9, 2014

Monday Mumbles -71

Wow! I haven't done a Mumbles post since April 21! Holy Cow! Well, I know you've been waiting. So, ahem. Welcome to Monday and here are some mumbles.

1. I wrote up a little post-race blurb Saturday. Check it out.

2. We didn't sign Helen up for the Miss Missouri Pageant this year. It wasn't a lack of desire on her part. We just figured that we have a lot going on right now, the money is tight and...she'd be at the bottom of her age division anyway, let's wait it out at least a year to let maturity kick in. Well...seeing Helen glued to the T.V. last night watching the Miss U.S.A. pageant drove home my feeling that we have not seen the last of Helen's Pageants.

Couldn't tear Helen away from the Miss USA Pageant
3. Sarah was offered a middle hitter position on a club volleyball team! Very exciting. And it's with a club that is close to where we live. She'll be on a Silver level team, which is perfect for her. I really like the coach and I am relieved that she has a place for the 2014-15 season. Yay Sarah!

4. Dani starts her swim practices today. She also starts walking home afterward. It's a short walk, 15 minutes, tops. And that is if she dilly-dallies. Which she won't. She better not. I'm a little nervous, but I think she'll be fine. She's got people waiting on her and it's a busy street she walks up to our house. I'm really excited to see her improvement with a daily swim practice. Her first summer meet is Thursday and I know she can't wait!

5. Vincent's daycare provider is on vacation this week. So, I've prepped Sarah for all the things I want her to do with him in the mornings. And that she needs to keep him on his schedule of feeding him lunch and getting him down for a nap every day. She did fabulous last year and that was with diapers! This year, she doesn't have to worry about that part. :)

6. My girls enjoyed their week of vacation away from us, but I think we are all happy to be together again. I can tell by how loud and obnoxious everyone is. haha. It's amazing how loud a large family can be.

7. My first weekend as a Lifetime Weight Watcher didn't go so hot. I better stick to my tracker or I'll be paying again!

8. Oh. I have 12 likes to go on Endless Strength Blog's Facebook page before I do my giveaway...just FYI. I know all of YOU dear readers have "liked" the page. Right?

9. I have 23 working days (including today) before my vacation. I really cannot wait. I am ready. And check out this photo of Vincent enjoying the little toddler car at my sister's house yesterday. That kid -- I love him!

Beep! Beep!
10. I'll leave you with this photo of Dominic with his cousin, Beatrice. They are 3 months apart in age and cuter than all get-out. Love them!

5-year-olds -- they are awesome!!


  1. I've "liked" your page. :-) Can't wait for the give-away!

  2. Ah, it is SO awesome that Sarah can watch Vincent on her own! SO awesome!!!


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