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June 24, 2014

Updates of Sorts

I haven't done one of these in awhile. Sometimes it's good to level-set and explain a little of what's been going on in these parts.

One big thing that's been going on is that we took Dani to see a G.I. Specialist at the Children's hospital to figure out some things. You see, Dani has been constipated pretty much ever since she was a baby. It wasn't a condition we really thought about much once we (the parental units) were no longer a part of the day in and day out activities in the bathroom for her. But a couple of years ago, she spent the entire summer telling me about how her stomach hurt all the time. I didn't know what to tell her other than to lay down and it will go away. But we saw the doctor for her Well-child visit that fall and I mentioned it. The main thing I took away from THAT visit was that my doctor said, "When kids complain of abdominal pain, 95% of the time, there really is something wrong that needs to be addressed." 

Hel--lo! That got my attention. At that time an x-ray revealed that Dani really did have a problem...we'll say she was "backed up" because I'd rather use that than some other terms on my blog. We did a cleanse the doctor recommended and then a 3-month regimen with stool softener that was supposed to aid in getting her bowels moving again.

Well, fast-forward to March, April and May of this year when Dani was complaining of abdominal pain again. Took her back in to see the doctor, another x-ray and we see the same problem.

Now, I have a sister that has Celiac disease. One of the things that happens when you know someone in your family has an auto-immune disease, is that sometimes you think your kid might have it...or something similar. Well, the doctor ran tests that came back negative for that and a host of other issues he wanted to test for. So, he recommended we see the G.I. doc at the Children's hospital.

THAT doctor recommended another cleanse, performed a bit differently and we have completed that. And she also recommended an ongoing daily treatment and gave us a prescription. The cleanse seemed to work pretty well at getting things moving. I learned that apples and bananas are binding so Dani really shouldn't eat those, but every other fruit/vegetable was beneficial. We learned that pear juice moves things much better than apple juice, too. So, Dani's been getting organic pear juice with her medicine twice a day (at least) and we're hoping we can get this issue under control soon and just be on some sort of maintenance.

you see, some people just have slow moving bowels, apparently. And there's really not much you can do other than help them along. So, I've asked Dani to keep a food diary, increase her water intake, and track her medicine doses (It's Mirilax, in case you're curious) and her movements so we have some good concrete information to go on as we navigate this maintenance.

Other than that stuff, Dani's having a great summer with swim team! She won her heat in the 50 freestyle at last week's meet. THAT was so cool!! (The pic is on Instagram -- follow me :) @michellephughes)

Sarah has accepted a position of middle hitter on a club team for the 2014-15 club season. They are having a 3-on-3 tournament Sunday morning along with pizza following for a social bit. I'm looking forward to it. There is a girl on her team that was in her class at the public school kindergarten Sarah attended, so that is kind of neat. Sarah has also been raking in the dough babysitting. I think she hopes to use some to get herself gel nails before our vacation. We'll see.

Helen has been taking swim lessons. One of the nice things about having a bigger kid is that Sarah can walk Helen to the pool for her lesson and can be trusted to pay the instructor the money and then wait and walk Helen home when it is over. (I really LOVE this having-a-big-kid thing.) Sarah texted me during the lesson today to tell me that Helen was swimming front crawl all by herself with no hands by the instructor! I hope they get her swimming the full length of the pool. Helen informed me that she's not crazy about volleyball and she really enjoys swimming. So maybe she will join Dani on the swim team!! :)

Dominic had a blast with his tennis lessons. Now the onus is on us (Craig/me) to get him to a court and practice with him a little bit. Other than that, he continues to amaze us with his reading ability/comprehension and his overall smarty-pants-ness. I can't wait to see how he likes Kindergarten!!

Vincent is a blast, as usual. He still goes to daycare on his three days a week. He is talking so much more. One thing you learn when your kids are around this age (two, three years old) is how you sound to them. Because they will say things to you the way you have been saying things to them. And guess what I must say to Vincent an awful lot? I must say, "I TOLD you..." a lot. Because he often says, "Mommy, I told you, I don't like that milk, I like this milk." Or he will say, "I TOLD you I don't want to wear that." Whether he has told us or not...he says, "I TOLD you..." So. I guess I must say "I TOLD you, Vincent, ..." a lot.

Craig and I are still crossfitting. I love the challenge of every workout. I've never done something like this and loved it so much for so long. I'm getting closer to doing a pull-up and I really hope soon I will be able to string together the toes-to-bars and not just do them one at a time. 

We go on vacation in a couple of weeks and I think everyone is ready.

So, there it is. A summer update on our household. We're enjoying the World Cup, love seeing the Royals play good baseball, and look forward to seeing a couple Jayhawks taken early in the NBA draft.

PS: The corporate challenge swim meet is going on this week and I actually got a medal this year!! I took second in the 40-44 women's 50 breastroke. I was pretty stoked. :)

Medal Selfie :)

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  1. First, because I'll forget if I don't, congrats on the medal!

    I have an 11-year old niece who had the same problem about 3 years ago as your daughter. They gave her the same regimen, cleansings, laxatives, diet. It went on for many months before she finally found consistent relief. Good to know regarding the fruits and fruit juices. I sometimes have problems myself in that area going back to childhood but never that bad.

    Last summer my daughter put her oldest, 8 at the time, in swim lessons but turned out it would go on for several weeks at a hefty price so he only went for one week. She's looking for something less pricey this summer.

    And speaking of baseball, my Texas Rangers have not played well this year! argh.


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