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July 27, 2014

Just Another Day

Today could have been just another day. Actually, it is just another day to everyone but me, I think. There are many things that can distract me today, but they don't.

I completed a triathlon for the first time yesterday. (More on that later.)

My two-week vacation ends today.

I have friends moving, everyone is getting back-to-school shopping started (at least) right now. I'm looking through the kids' uniforms, trying to decide what more is needed for the coming school year. I'm cleaning up, trying to get the budget back in order and the kitchen back in order and our bedroom back in order.

But, alas, the undercurrent of today is not gone. I was due to deliver Gregory a year ago, today. My last blogpost was a week and a half ago as my oldest child turned 13. Today could have been a 1-year Happy Birthday post. Or something.

It's strange. I still think of Gregory every day, but it doesn't really sting anymore. I still miss him, but...I have an appreciation and an acceptance for the family we are with him in Heaven. I suppose that is part of the healing process and I don't think it bothers me that it doesn't sting so much. 

I think I'll take a trip up to the cemetery some time today, just to go and "see" him on what could have been his birthday. 

But other than that, and to anyone else, it will look like just another day.

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  1. I didn't read this until today, but at Mass on Sunday (July 27) I was overwhelmed with thoughts of mothers who have lost children too young. I was crying during the Mass as my thoughts turned to a dear friend who also had a birthday anniversary. This year marks her firstborn's 7th year in heaven. Sending prayers and warm thoughts to you and to her this morning.


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