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July 14, 2014

Monday Mumbles - 72

Good Monday Morning, to you all!! I write this from my sister's house, where I am during my vacation. It's so wonderful to see her. And my brother. And their spouses and children. Oh my…I needed this!! I wanted to get something up on this blog, though, so…here are some mumbles for ya!!

1. Dani and Helen are off at their first summer camp ever! It's called the Children of Mary Religion camp and we took them and all their stuff to their cabins yesterday. I think they are going to have a blast. There's lake swimming, arts and crafts, opportunities for confession and Mass all week. We saw their names at their "meal tables" and they get to bunk with their cousins! 
All five camp-kids with they counselors
Before we left the house
2. Here is Helen when we dropped her stuff off in her cabin. So sweet.

Growing up so fast!!
3. Oh…and this isn't the best picture…but I caught Helen and her cousin, Julie, holding hands when they went places together. They are three months apart in age and both just so sweet. I know they will have a blast.
Sweet girls
4. Here is my nephew, and godson, Joey. He wanted to go to camp, too, and he doesn't have a cousin-buddy like the girls, but he was very excited to go.

Such a great boy
5. Here is Dani when we dropped her stuff off in her cabin. We sprayed her down with bug spray -- Dani has the worst time attracting everything that bites!! And she was excited to bunk with her cousin, Jenna (they are about 9 months apart in age -- same grade and everything, though).

Ready for camp!!
6. We arrived Saturday afternoon and got to hang out with my sister, her family, my brother and his family, too. It was awesome! Here's a picture of all the Poliquin-side cousins who were present.

13 of the 20 out-of-the-womb Poliquin-side cousins
(#21 is due in late August/early Sept)
7. We broke the drive into two days and stopped at a hotel. It was my first time using Hotwire to book a stay and also the first time I had to break down and get two rooms (boys in one, girls in the other :) ) We arrived in time to swim for a little bit before we went to dinner and to bed. The kids had a blast! And we were very happy with the deal we got through Hotwire and with the hotel.

8. Sarah is off to spend time with a couple of her Hughes-side cousins who are her age. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. It's crazy.

9. We hit up the local Crossfit box, too!! It was a blast. We got a good workout in and we "paid" them for the full week -- they require a Men's (XL) and Women's (M) shirt per person for a week "drop-in" fee. After a few days with no lifting, the weight felt heavy, but we squatted, and then did "Grace" (30 Clean & Jerks for time). Talked with the guy for a bit and saw where they run, when they run and got acclimated to their box. Really cool we get to keep up our workouts while we're on vacation!
Craig and me after our WOD
10. We're down to just Dominic and Vincent for the week, so we're headed to an art studio to make some cool stuff this morning. 

Vacation is awesome. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!!


  1. So great you get to spend time with family. Everyone looks like they are having fun!

  2. Looks like a great vacation so far! Enjoy the rest. :) Love the pics of the cousins hanging out together. They look excited to hang out together.


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