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July 30, 2014

Weight Watchers Wednesday (22) -- Vacation Edition

It's Wednesday and we're talking Weight stuff. :)

the last few weeks have given me the opportunity to test out my new lifestyle changes within the framework of a vacation. I had two weeks off work, we traveled and we had some fun.

Road Trip Food Choices
We went to the grocery store the day before we left for the road trips both times and purchased food to make sandwiches, got some easy-to-take/eat fruit and some other snacks. We spent about $50-60 each time but it was well worth it to have healthy food to eat and not be left with the option of HAVING to eat at McDonald's or something. My food choices for the way out: Diet coke, Turkey and cheese sandwich, string cheese, grapes, Special K protein granola bar, water.

It is about 16 hours from our house to my sister's house, so we did the bulk of it in the first day, spending about 12 hours on the road, and then the rest the second day. The first night, we stayed in Knoxville, TN and enjoyed dinner out with the family at Cheddar's. While I was in the losing weight phase, I avoided this restaurant because their dietary information is not found ANYWHERE and they will not provide it to you when you arrive either, so it's difficult to gauge the points values of anything I ate. But, I had decided I wasn't going to track while traveling and just try to make good choices. But...that night at Cheddar's, I did overeat. And I felt very BLAH afterwards. The hotel where we stayed had hot breakfast the next morning so we did that before we left and got to my sister's a little later than lunch time.

Obviously, spending 12 hours in the car for one day and staying in a different city, I didn't do any activity on that first night. I had planned well and ensured I did crossfit the Thursday before I left. Then when we arrived at my sister's, I changed my clothes and went for a run before I started drinking or eating. Best. Decision. Ever. It was great to shake out the old bones after being in the car for 1.5 days.

We stayed at my sister's for a full week, so we paid the "drop in" fee for the local Crossfit (Crossfit Lake Wylie) and went EVERY day, Monday through Friday. They had a 7:00 a.m. WOD which fit perfectly with my idea of not-so-darn-early and not-late-enough to blow my entire day.

By Saturday, I was looking at some more days in the car and such. I knew I didn't want more than two rest days in a row and I hoped to be back in KC on Tuesday early enough to hit crossfit, so that meant Sun-Mon rest days. So, I got up and had a lovely run in a light rain.

Food Choices while staying with family
Thankfully, I was staying with my sibling who has the best penchant for hanging onto money, so we didn't eat in restaurants or anything. We split the grocery bills when we'd go and get stuff and we ate our meals mostly at home. She has a grocery store in her area that has organic and natural stuff that has a $5 sushi night and we went out there and bought the boys pizza and ate sushi (yum!!). One of the days I stopped by Bojangles after Crossfit for breakfast biscuits (there is not a Bojangles where I live and they really do have the best biscuits). And since QuikTrip is open in SC, too, I still got my diet coke when I wanted it.

On Friday night, Craig and I met Rebecca and The Man for dinner as they were traveling to their vacation destination and passed by close to where we were. But even Pad Thai is a good choice for a restaurant.

The main thing I did that I don't normally do while staying with my sister was snack. When I am at work all day, I have my lunch and usually a piece of fruit for a snack. But when i was around my sister's and while we had the little ones -- crackers, cheese, chocolate -- those types of things were readily available and I didn't track it and I didn't tell myself "no."

We stopped by my mom's on our way home and that night was pizza night. I ate a little too much of that, too.

Returning Home
When we got home, we had to hit the grocery store. Then, I had Sarah's 13th birthday celebration where some of her friends joined her at a restaurant/arcade type place. Sarah and I shared a burger, which was good, it was much too large for one of us to eat, and it cut down on the cost, too. Double-win! Thursday was our 15th wedding anniversary, so we ate Mexican food. Then on Friday, I took Sarah shopping and we had lunch at Bo Ling's -- Pad Thai again! :) Saturday was the triathlon and it was taco night, too. But then, Sunday, I got "back on the wagon," so to speak. I started tracking again and set my point goal for the 26 WW allows you when you are losing weight. I've continued that pattern through today.

One thing I kept in mind as this vacation was coming up was that I didn't want things to get out of hand. My history tells me that if I go completely unchecked, I can start down a road that will require a lot of hard work to get back to where I am now. So, I knew I would exercise throughout my vacation (and I did). I knew there would be an end to my "vacation-eating" and there was. I knew I wanted to keep the goal to step on the scale for my first weigh-in of August and be at goal (or within 2 pounds) so that I will not have to pay and can continue to get my Lifetime Member E-tools. All three of those things helped me to enjoy my vacation without slipping up enough to cause an all-out failure.

The Good News
I stepped on the scale this morning (it had been 4 weeks since I weighed) and I was 161, which is one pound over goal. I still have until the first August weigh-in to continue to get things back in check, but I am very pleased with that still.

I found this image while searching Pinterest and I really like it, so I'll share:


I'll be back after my August weigh-in! :)

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