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August 28, 2014

30-day Paleo Challenge Part One (the part before)

On Tuesday, the 30-day Paleo challenge at the CrossFit box begins. I signed up for it and today I had my body composition completed. As you all know, I lost weight and got in shape over the last 10 months attending Weight Watchers At Work meetings and CrossFitting. I am die-hard in favor of Weight Watchers. So much so that I will still be tracking my food I eat during this Paleo-challenge and adding up the PointsPlus values as I report to you throughout. That way, you can see (and I can see) that Paleo and Weight Watchers are compatible (I know they must be).

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Craig does the grocery shopping, so I reminded him that on Paleo, I'll be eating mostly protein (in the form of lean meat, seafood and eggs) and vegetables with some fruit thrown in. Nothing processed, no grains, no dairy, no sugar (artificial or otherwise) will be a part of my diet as I complete this challenge. 

One tip I picked up from my "Quick Weight Loss" days that I still incorporate every so often is a 3-day "preparation" phase where I eat only lean protein (usually in the form of beef) and green vegetables (usually in the form of romaine lettuce) and one orange in a day. I do this for three days. The purpose of it is to cause the body to use stored fat through metabolism and it kind of kick-starts things. I always shed a few water-weight pounds and it gets my mind straight for "clean" eating. 

The other preparatory thing I have done is get off the diet coke. This is a process because that nasty aspartame gives me horrible headaches as I am getting off it. You'd think one day I'd actually stay off that nasty diet coke. Maybe this time will be the one time I stay off for good.

Here's a fun flowchart to help determine if something qualifies as Paleo:

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Here is my body composition information.
Overall body comp is 26.2 (which I think means I am 26.2% fat? Basically, of my 162 pounds, 43 pounds is fat and 119 pounds is lean body mass. 

According to the coach measuring me, I should set a goal to lose about 4 pounds of fat and not lose any lean body mass during this challenge. To do this, I need to keep my protein intake high. She says I should have protein with each meal and snack and I should eat a good amount of protein within an hour after a workout. I have never been very good about the protein thing after my WODs, so I am going to focus on that during this challenge.

I was actually pleasantly surprised when she mentioned I really only need to focus on losing about 4 pounds of fat and that I need to be sure and eat more protein to keep my lean body mass. I know I've been working hard to maintain my weight and continue to improve my fitness, but sometimes I'd start to think I was losing something -- even if I wasn't. I'm sure it's my lifelong body image issues eating away at my confidence. Will that EVER go away? I have no idea. Body image issues SUCK. That is all.


Paleo tracking will start September 2. CrossFit workouts are ongoing, so I haven't stopped them and won't increase them, necessarily -- just keep doing what I've been doing in that regard. I will also keep trying to get a run or a swim or a bike ride in 1-2 times per week.

I'll keep you all posted (and keep myself accountable!) by posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, which means I'll log multiple day food and exercise journals on the posts. I'll title them Paleo Challenge Part Two (the part during) with numbers in chronological order as we go. I hope this information will be useful to you. 

So, thanks for following along and continuing to support this healthy lifestyle I'm continuing. I love having this place to keep myself accountable and having you all cheer me on!

Until next time...

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  1. I'm sitting here eating WAY too much sugar right now, so I need to try to do some of this as well. Good luck!!


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