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August 8, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 84

Oh goodness! I have not participated in the 7QT linkup since the end of June! What is going on here?
---Says the slacker...

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting the 7QT.

--- 1 ---
I didn't get a post up for Weight Watchers Wednesday this week. (Like I said, I'm a slacker.) But I am happy to report that I weighed in under goal yesterday to make it a third straight month with Weight Watchers Lifetime status. Woo-Hoo! You know, that is a quarter of the year. I work in the financial industry, so we measure performance for the year broken down into quarters. If I had to give myself a grade for this first quarter at Lifetime Status, I would give myself an A-. I went on vacation and still managed to scrape in and maintain the goal weight. The reason for the minus is that I still want to lose about 5-7 more pounds and I have made ZERO headway in that regard.

--- 2 ---
The Box (CrossFit gym for the newbies) is having a Paleo Challenge in September and I am considering trying it. I have eaten Paleo on my own before, but I'm curious what I might learn if I do the Paleo Challenge. There are some pre-made meals I'd have to pay for and I'd follow it for thirty days. It might be the way to drop the 5-7 pounds I want...but (here we go again) the expen$e. Sigh, will have to research and talk it over with Craig.

--- 3 ---
Guess who no longer has braces --

Pretty Girl
I remember when we started her out in second grade, realizing that if her growth pattern held, she'd be out of them before eighth grade started. And now, here we are...she's in eighth grade, thirteen years old, growing like a weed still (she is 5'5" now!!) and wearing bigger shoes than mine.
--- 4 ---
I actually am quite proud of how Sarah has done with her summer reading this year. She read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this summer. Those are some LONG books. And of course, she loved them. They have to read a non-fiction book as well so she's trudging through some Jell-O cookbook right now. But I love to see how involved she gets with the books she likes. I hope she keeps writing and reading.

--- 5 ---
I am also proud of Helen for improving in her swimming ability this summer. I bit the bullet and hired a swim teacher for one-on-one lessons. I think that was the only way to go with Helen -- she needs the focused attention. She is now doing her front crawl and floating on her back. She's working on getting the back crawl down and from what I understand, though she is still a bit timid in the water, she is treading water at an acceptable level (for safety).

Helen claims she wants to join the swim team like Dani. She needs to get more practice in and make sure she can swim the full length of the pool on her front and her back before I can see if they will take her though. But I do hope she gets there...I love the sport of swimming.

--- 6 ---

Can you believe that school starts a week from Monday? The public schools around here start on Thursday next week. That is just crazy! Not only do the summer days fly by as it is, but the scheduled break seems to get shorter and shorter. I am torn about it. One one hand, I think they need a longer break with fewer breaks during the school year. On the other hand, my kids thrive with the routine. And, I gotta say, they've been at each other's throats since we got back from vacation and they are spending all day, every day together. I guess I am okay with doing whatever they schedule.

**Except for half days. Our school is starting the year off with three days of Noon Dismissal. What? How do kids get back into routine if you have them out of routine for the first three days? I think one Noon Dismissal day is plenty, then go right into the regular schedule. Craig had to take a couple of PTO days to handle picking them up and having them home in the afternoons a couple of days we were not expecting. Oh well...we'll be back to routine soon enough I guess.

--- 7 ---

So, you know how I was trying to get to 100 "Likes" on my Endless Strength Facebook Page? I'm still 2 "likes" away. Fix that for me? KThx. :)

Have a terrific Weekend. And to meet plenty of awesome bloggers, be sure to go visit Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary!



  1. Wow! Three half days to ease in must be nice for the teachers, but that makes it rough on parents. When I was a teacher we jumped in on a Monday with a full week ahead of us.

  2. Personally, I think you deserve an A for being on vacation and not gaining any weight, but maybe that's just me. It's really crazy to me that's school is starting. Even with not having kids, I notice a change in the routines of things when school is in session.


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