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August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes 86

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting the 7QT.

--- 1 ---
I started seeing a chiropractor a couple of weeks ago. Why? (you may ask...I may answer.)

First of all, the coaches at our CrossFit box recommended this particular practice a few months ago. I started considering it because about 5 years ago, my neck started popping on me unexpectedly. And not just a little pop here and there, either. Like a head-jarring, "Oh my gosh that hurt so bad!" popping and always without warning. I liken it to being beamed in the head with a bludger when you're totally not looking (*Harry Potter Quidditch reference there, in case you have no idea what a bludger is). When it started 5 years ago, it happened maybe once every few months. But last winter, it was down to a few times a week and it was really bothering me. But I still didn't head to a chiropractor.

Then, Craig did a little something to his back during one workout. And the next morning, he could barely move to get out of bed. It was horrible. I felt helpless. He decided to see the chiropractor and it was fixed with (basically) one visit/adjustment. I believe he went back for a second visit, but he hasn't needed to return AND he worked out the afternoon after the first adjustment (after being forced into a week off CrossFit) and hasn't looked back.

So, I decided to go and I'm so happy I did. The first adjustment was incredible because it included work on my hips, knees, back, neck and wrist. I felt AWESOME after the first adjustment. And then I was a little sore (he told me I would be) and I went back a second time...and from there, we put a program in place where I will have several visits and eventually work into a maintenance arrangement (if I want/need it) of once per month.

The good news? My neck is not popping anymore. Well, not unless it's the chiropractor doing it. The first couple of adjustments were hard, but released a lot of pressure in my head/neck area. Now when he adjusts, it is only a small number of pops AND, my neck isn't popping without warning. I also notice that squatting is more comfortable and I'm able to get down further, my runs have been smoother and easier to recover from, and after sitting in my office chair for the past two years not noticing how uncomfortable it was, I needed to make some adjustments after seeing the chiropractor because I couldn't sit like that anymore!

Overall: WIN!!

--- 2 ---
The Parent "Back-to-School" night was last night. We have four in school this year: 8th, 5th, 3rd grades and Kindergarten. Craig and I tackled it together -- divide and conquer. So he visited Dominic's (Kindergarten) and Dani's (5th grade) classrooms and I took care of Sarah's (Middle School) and Helen (3rd grade).

Call me one who sees through rose-colored glasses if you must, but I am really excited about this year for my kids. Sarah's been really hitting the books hard from the start and seems to be keen on getting on that "A" Honor roll from the get-go; Dani has already read 5 books that count toward her forty for the school year (yeah, she's a speed reader) AND spent time outside of homework time actually studying for quizzes; Helen is reading a bit more (not her favorite thing to do) and is getting a grip on how to take her time on homework so as not to frustrate her mom :); and Dominic is just enjoying being in "real school" as he calls it. The teachers are all great and seem to be excited to teach and share with the kids. Overall, it's been a good start to the school year.

--- 3 ---
About Dominic. I applied to have him tested for the school district's gifted education program. Granted, Kindergarten seems a little early to do that sort of thing, but Dominic has been reading since he was three years old and his level of reading and comprehension is very high for a five-year-old, so I thought it might be a good idea just to check.

Well, the test they use does verbal and non-verbal skills, so math and puzzles were part of the test and he didn't do as well on those. No, that's the wrong way to say that. He scored in (only) the high average on that part. And...he scored right where I would have expected him to with regard to reading and comprehension: 96th percentile.

So, really, the testing only confirmed what we already knew: Dominic is an advanced reader. Yay Dominic!! He didn't qualify for the gifted education program, but that's okay. He's never done a lot of math and only just recently (in the last 6-8 months) shown any added interest in math.

--- 4 ---
All week I have been doing CrossFit before work. I have to give a shout out to my awesome teenager for this. The reason is because in order for me to go do CrossFit before work, I need her to get up in case anything happens that needs to be handled while I'm gone since the little ones are still sleeping. And so she got up at 5:00 a.m. Monday through Wednesday this week to shower, eat her breakfast, do any extra studying and basically be awake just in case so that I could go workout before work. My after-work schedule was crazy this week and workouts wouldn't have happened without getting them in before work. What a sweetheart, that Sarah, helping her mom out like that!

--- 5 ---
Dani turns 11 on Sunday. Whoa.

I love the 11th birthday, because it always falls on the actual day of the week on which the kid was born. Dani was born on Sunday, August 31, 2003. It was Labor Day weekend and it rained all. weekend. long. And not just spitting here and there, either. It was a lot like what I imagine a monsoon rainshower would be like.

That summer had been actually very dry. Craig and I had been one of the few on our street who watered all summer to keep our grass green. When we left for the hospital, our lawn was green but everyone else's was brown. It rained so much that weekend, that when we returned home on Tuesday, everyone's lawn was green and you couldn't tell that only a few of us had watered all summer. I remember being miffed about that, haha.
--- 6 ---
In case you missed it, I'll be blogging my participation in our CrossFit box's Paleo Challenge. I'm really looking forward to seeing if and how my body composition changes. The few times I've followed Paleo for a period of time, I haven't measured before hand and I've never actually been in-shape and then done it to see if I get even more in-shape. Should be fun!!
--- 7 ---
Sarah got to go to a Royals game this weekend. It was so nice for her to get invited by a good friend to enjoy the evening. It was also Irish American Heritage night at the ball park, so there were some other fun activities going on. She got to see a great game, too!

I sure hope the Royals can keep this going and win the division, or at least make the playoffs. Our city has waited a long time to have a relevant team again! Let's go Royals!!

Sarah's little photo-collage she put together

Have a great 3-day weekend!!

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