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August 18, 2014

Monday Mumbles - 74

Good Monday morning! Let's mumble, shall we?

1. I got all five kids off to their various places today. First I dropped Vincent off. Ms. Robin shared my joy of having the kids back to school and then said, "Next year, it will be this little guy, right?" and I admitted that it is so hard to think of him going off to preschool. He's gone to her three days a week for his whole life. I have just decided to remain in denial that the day he goes somewhere else during the day is coming. She's been my partner-momma for him and I know he'll miss her when it's time to move on (and so will I!)

2. Last night I spent time blow-drying Dani's and Helen's hair and curling Helen's with hot rollers. Only to have her wake up this morning with no curl. I guess I didn't realize her hair was that fine. So, we heated up the curling iron and got those curls going again.

3. As we got into the car to go to school, Dominic asked why both his mom and dad were taking them. He said, "I can walk in BY MYSELF!" As happy as I am that he is beyond ready to start this adventure he calls "real school," I still wanted to walk him in. So I told him that he could walk himself in for the rest of his life, but today, "Please allow Mommy and Daddy to walk you in." 

4. Harumph. Kid is already marching off to college in his brain, I bet.

5. They had a "Boohoo/Yahoo" breakfast. We stopped in. But I didn't want to stay too long because I wanted to head to CrossFit and get my workout done. I didn't need the temptation of donut holes anyway! And I don't drink Coffee. But Craig does, I think he liked the coffee.

6. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up around 1:00 a.m. as I had the part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie where the voice interrupts Bill and Fleur's wedding saying, "The ministry has fallen. The ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead." and then it moves to a whisper of "They are coming." For some reason that was going over and over in my head and I couldn't go back to sleep. Very annoying.

7. It didn't hurt my workout, though. Man it was tough this morning. I love the fact that I feel like such a badass after just about every CrossFit workout.

8. The kids only have a half day of school today, so I don't get the whole day to play. But that's all right. I can't wait to go pick them up (in about an hour) and hear all about the first day.

9. Sarah went to a "Back-to-School Swim Party" hosted by one of the kids in her class Saturday. It is so weird to hear her talk about the game Truth or Dare. I don't know why I ever would have thought kids would have moved on from that game by this generation. I guess there are certain constants. Anyway, here is how Sarah handled it, as I don't think she was too comfortable with participating. She said whenever someone would say, "Who's next?" she and one of her friends would back away from the group enough that no one asked them to do anything or to play, and then they just watched as the other kids would get asked a question or to do something, like jump into the pool or something like that. It all sounded pretty harmless/tame -- it sounded about like what you'd expect from 13 and 14-year-old kids. I'm glad she had fun at the party!

10. Well, here's the photo I know you all want to see -- my kiddos, back at school :)
Individual poses...
These four at St. Andrew's

I hope back-to-school has gone well for all of you.
Have a great Monday!!

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