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September 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 87 Involving Volleyball, Food Picture and a GiveAWAY!!

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting the 7QT.

--- 1 ---
It is RED Friday here in Kansas City. Go Chiefs!!

And the Royals are still in first place, too. So...that deserves a hearty Go Royals!! too. :)

--- 2 ---
Sarah's 8th grade volleyball team played their first games of the season yesterday! It was fun to watch. They won all four sets they played (pool play for the tournament this weekend) and worked really well together doing it. Yay volleyball!!

They used to be so tiny -- now they are big, and coordinated and all that stuff!
--- 3 ---
I'm blogging through this Paleo Challenge at the gym, so I thought I'd take a picture of the dinner I ate last night: I cooked bacon in a skillet, then I cooked a couple of mushrooms and some red bell pepper in the grease (no butter in Paleo), then scrambled up three eggs with the veggies. It was rather tasty!

Here's a pic:

My dinner

--- 4 ---
I continued my early morning workouts. I guess this is how I will be able to exercise through the fall. Thank goodness for Sarah being such a good sport and getting up. I think she sees it as good -- she gets some extra quiet time for studying if she wants it -- and bad -- she wants to sleep longer. Oh well, she got to sleep longer today (Friday) since Craig was there to get everyone up.

--- 5 ---
So, the Facebook page hit 100 likes last weekend (thanks, Aunt Jacqueline).
As promised, to celebrate 100 people liking my blog on Facebook, I am going to hold a giveaway. I have an extra (and new!) copy of "The Original" Mother's Manual and a Holy Card that will go with it.

You can enter as many times as you like, but you have to do a thing for each entry.
  • Like the Endless Strength Blog Facebook page.If you already "like" it, comment as such.
  • Share the Endless Strength Blog Facebook page. Comment to let me know you have shared it.
  • Tweet a link to Endless Strength Blog. Indicate in a comment.
  • Leave a comment telling me which of my posts is your favorite (or the topic you enjoy most)

I will close one week from today (2014-09-12) and posts the winner on Monday the 15th.
--- 6 ---
Dani started back up at swim practice this week! It makes for a pretty busy week for her when she has both cross country AND swim practice. Soon, she'll start her meets and then that will be over in a blink of an eye! Yikes! I'm glad she's doing both, I think it's important for her to keep a foot into a sport for the school. I know she was really happy to get back in the pool, though. I love it that she's swimming.

Helen's swim instructor headed off to college though, so I need to find out if anyone at the Y will do one-on-one lessons with her for a reasonable price. But...I may have to get on that after fall sports are over because we're already running pretty ragged at this point!
--- 7 ---
I read this article this week and found myself nodding in agreement. I've never been able to put into words why the Osteen ministry didn't sit right with me. But this definitely comes close. 

BONUS: I had another niece born this week! Little Jill is the 6th of my sister's children to join her family here on Earth. Isn't she sweet?

My sister, Caryn, and her baby girl, Jillian Therese

Have a great weekend!!

Be sure to go visit Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary!



  1. My favorite posts of yours are the ones about how to deal with/handle/succeed at being a WOTHM!

  2. Joel Osteen makes me incredibly stabby as a Protestant because people identify me with him... and we are polar opposites.

  3. I like your comments about Crossfit and Paleo.


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