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September 29, 2014

Monday Mumbles - 76

Good morning! It's Monday and I haven't done a Mumbles post in about a month. So, here you go!

1. I posted my results from completing the Paleo Challenge with the CrossFit box last night. In case you missed it. I'm pretty happy about those and motivated to keep on going with the nutrition changes.

2. This weekend, I was talking with Dominic about school. He's very excited that his class is getting a new student today. He was listing off the "SuperKids" the new student would need to complete before being all caught up with the class. It was kind of cracking me up. So, I asked him if his teachers knew that he could read already. Do you know what that little turkey says to me? He leans in like he is going to tell me something important that is meant for my ears only and says, "I kind of like to keep that a secret." Ha!

3. Because Dominic's reading abilities are advanced, it's difficult to find appropriate books for him to read. I've played around trying to pick out books for him and he's let me know that I should just "stick to the Star Wars books, Mom." Dominic asked me to read The Hobbit with him. Personally, I'm not a huge Tolkein fan. There are so many details and lots of words and it's a tedious process to get through the book. My dad suggested perhaps the early Harry Potter books (Books 1-3) and I'm tempted. But, I think I'm going to try again at the library and see what kind of series I can find that might interest Dominic.

4. Oh and this is funny, too. Dominic uses "Dom" as his name on his papers at school. I think it might be because he really does not like writing, so "Dom" is shorter than "Dominic." He also puts H after his name all the time -- even when we are signing our names for birthday cards in the family! There's another Dominic in his class, so my son is "Dominic H."

5. I mentioned it yesterday, but I'll tell you today -- I got my pull-ups yesterday! They are kipping (so not strict) but I seriously did it. One week after my post about wanting to achieve that goal, I finally did it.

6. This morning, however, I ripped a couple of the callouses on my hands doing pull-ups, so that hurt.
Hands of a CrossFitter
Hands of a CrossFitter
7. Dani has her 2nd cross-country meet this afternoon! Run, Dani, run!!

8. Can you believe we're at the end of September? The weeks haven't actually gone by as fast as they had been, but here we are at the end of another month anyway. I just realized my kids only have about four more weeks before the 1st quarter will be done for school. That's just crazy-talk!

9. Did you know that Kansas City topped Huffington Post's 5 Cities To Keep On Your Radar. The interesting part of the article was Richmond, VA was 2nd and Charlotte, NC was third. I have aunts, uncles and cousins in Richmond and actually wanted to move there myself at one point. And I have a sister and a brother who both have their families settled in the Charlotte area. Kind of fun.

10. Interesting Twitter Discussion re: discernment and having more children or whether a couple is obligated to keep having children if they are able, happening this morning.

Since we came to our position a year ago, I keep waiting for some sort of regret or wistful weeping for the children I have "foregone" but it has yet to come. I feel very at peace with our family, the number of children we have both on earth and in heaven. I love to visit and hold babies and smell them and fuss over them, but I don't feel the desire that I worried I would. I'm not sure what that means, if it means anything at all. I don't mean to be all prideful and say something to the effect -- "Of course, we discerned correctly/appropriately because it's worked out to be so easy and we are at peace." But the level of peace I feel with everything, helps me to move forward every day appreciating my children, loving them and cherishing the moments I have with them (as much as I am able). Hm. Maybe a blogpost on that in the near future, we'll see.

Have a great Monday and blessed week everyone!




  1. Some chapter books series my son enjoyed in kindergarten were "Ready Freddie" , "Magic Tree House",and "Time Warp Trio". Also non-fiction books were appealing (animals and the natural world especially). For more advanced reading, you could try Andrew Clemens' school story books- many of those have boy protagonists (hard to come by in a world often dominated by Junie B Jones and princesses!). Encyclopedia Brown and the Warriors series have a lot of books - a virtue when you have a kid who devours books!
    For reading with you, some of the Newbery winners might appeal - A Single Shard is great. Other books my kids liked: From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler, A Wrinkle in Time, Because of Winn Dixie, Artemis Fowl, Gregor the Overlander.
    I hope you can find something to tickle his fancy!


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