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September 10, 2014

Paleo Challenge Part Two (the Part During) - 4

30-day Paleo Challenge Accountability post.

Monday Food
Breakfast:  3 hard-boiled eggs, 3 slices of bacon, 2 sausage links (17 PointsPlus)

Lunch: A bunch of romaine lettuce, 4 slices of cucumber, some bacon, black olives (no dressing) and a small piece of chicken breast (about 4 oz) (7 PointsPlus)

Dinner: Totally missed dinner. Can't believe that! But I fed the kids, then went to a school board meeting. by the time I got home, the kitchen was still a mess and kids needed to be put to bed. So I did all that and just thought, "Screw it" because I had just cleaned up the kitchen and didn't want to make another mess to clean up.

Monday Workout: CrossFit Hero WOD "Abbott" which was included a 1 mile run, 21 Clean & Jerks at 95# (Rx was 105#, but I wasn't feeling that brave), then 1/2 mile run, then 21 Clean & Jerks at 95#, then another 1 mile run. That was a hard workout. I was very happy it was OVER!!

Tuesday Food
Breakfast:  3 hard-boiled eggs, bacon (12 PointsPlus)

Lunch: I am actually pretty proud of myself about this one. I had a lunch meeting with our executive vice president and it was served in the Executive Dining Room. AND I was able to stay Paleo! I had a bowl of fresh fruit and then ordered the 6 oz filet. The steak was served with a pilaf, but I left that alone. They brought plates of cookies to pass around for dessert, but I simply declined. Water and iced tea (unsweetened, thank you very much) to drink. I had been sweating this particular meeting not knowing if my options would serve me to stay Paleo, but they did! woo-boo! (14 PointsPlus for the Filet)

Snack: Almonds (6 PointsPlus)

Dinner: baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli and carrots. (10 PointsPlus for 10 ounces chicken)

Tuesday Workout: CrossFit. Did a bunch of snatches, working on form, so I've lowered the weight. The WOD was a combination of ladders, one descending and one ascending, doing Overhead squats and Ring Rows (a scaled version of pull-ups).  Later in the evening, I just got on the treadmill while Dani was at swim practice. It didn't go too well, so after a couple miles, I just did a few dead hangs to work on my grip strength and called it a day.

It's officially been a week. I don't think that I have lost any weight, but my stomach is not as bloated. I am not sure if I've noticed that when I've gone Paleo before. 

I have my monthly weigh-in at Weight Watchers tomorrow. I will not have any problem maintaining my Lifetime Status I am pretty certain and that makes me happy!! :)

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