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October 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 90

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting the 7QT.

--- 1 ---
The most exciting thing happened this week! The Royals won their Wild Card game on Tuesday night in dramatic fashion. It was late at night when it was over. And though I dozed through parts of it, I was awake for the most important part -- the bottom of the 12th inning. Ahh! So awesome that they won that game.

Then, they went out and beat the Angels in game 1 of the ALDS last night. Another extra inning game that I actually dozed and did NOT wake up. It was so exciting, however, to wake up and see that the #Royals had indeed won the game and taken a 1-0 lead in the series. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. I have butterflies in my stomach constantly when I think about it. I love post-season baseball and it's been so very long since I got to enjoy it, that I do think I had forgotten what it was like! 

This guy^^ homered in the 11th!
--- 2 ---
Tonight I am going out with some girlfriends to see Gone Girl at the theater! The book was recommended to me last summer and I devoured it in just a little over a week. I loved it. And so began my new love affair with Gillian Flynn novels. I promptly reserved, then read each of the books she's written. Can't wait to see the movie tonight (and have some non-Paleo popcorn, ha)

--- 3 ---
Update on Helen. She's having a bit of a better time doing her homework, and while her scores on math quizzes haven't improved drastically, the errors she is making are just silly ones where I can tell she is not taking her time. THAT is something completely fixable, in my opinion, so I'm focusing on double-checking and taking her time right now. Also, I thank God for great friends. Helen's godmother e-mailed me after my post lamenting the trouble I have spending enough time with Helen and offered to spend time with her doing homework, reading, whatever she needed. What a HUGE blessing! I can tell that having a non-parent work with Helen is very helpful. I like to work with Helen, but I will admit that because it is ME who corrects her, she takes the correction very hard.

I e-mailed Craig one afternoon asking how Helen was doing working with Beth. He replied, "Fine. No crying, no yelling and she hasn't called her mean." That's why it's better if Helen spends extra time with someone who is not her Mom. Yes, when I tell Helen a correction is needed, she has told me I am "mean." She just doesn't like to have negative feedback come from her mommy.

I am very proud of Helen for pulling herself together and really working on things though. She takes the suggestions and tips from her teacher, Beth and works with us. I love that about her. She's still a hard worker -- that much hasn't changed. Good girl.

Bonus: this is what I do after Helen's showers -- double french-braid her hair:
She loves it...because it puts curl in her hair without the hot rollers

--- 4 ---
I'm also proud of Dani and Sarah for how they are working in school right now. Sarah studies so hard and works to get her homework done. It's paying off so far on the grade card. And Dani -- wow, what can I say? that girl is a reading machine! The requirement was to read 10 books and take AR tests during the quarter and she's done 18 so far. I'm happy that she's doing well in all other subjects, too, but her reading is amazing.

--- 5 ---
Another cool fact about Dani: she's writing a book. Seriously. She works on it when she has free time. I don't know how many chapters she is up to, but she's written quite a bit. I hope she lets me read it.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of changes. Oh, I wasn't? Well, let me just say -- there will be some changes coming in our household. Note: NOT in the number of people who live in the house or anything like that. But some major changes and I'm not really sure (and I'm not at liberty to disclose yet anyway) how these changes will take place. I only know they are coming.

Oh well, I guess it's been awhile since we shook things up!
--- 7 ---
So it's now October. They started the Book It! program through Pizza Hut in Dominic's class. He loves it. I found out yesterday that Pizza Hut is opening the program up for adults. I think it might be cool to register and do it with Dominic. Then when we earn our pizzas, I can take him out for a little "date" and we can get them together.

He helped me out with picking the next book -- when I got hom Wednesday, he had Flat Stanley ready to go. We read a few chapters of that one and both enjoyed it. I got some great suggestions from my Mumble re: books for him on Monday, so hopefully that will keep us going for awhile! Thank you!!

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  1. Book it for adults????? Where do I sign up?

    I haven't been over to visit you in a while--sorry about that! I sympathize with the math thing. Silly errors are our problem with one child, and complete lack of cognitive conceptualization with the other. I get happy every time my two little guys show understanding of math concepts while we're cooking or driving around town.


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