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October 15, 2014

A Post Just to Post Something

How awesome is this photo? What a great play that was last night and a great game! Go Royals!!

The world at our house is spinning quickly and we're working hard to keep it under control. In Craig's second week in his new job, he's working "days" which means he actually leaves long before the sun is up to get started and can mean he doesn't get home until evening (as was the case Monday) or late afternoon (that happened Tuesday). We sure aren't going to mind the overtime pay, but getting adjusted to a new schedule can be hard on everyone.

First of all, I have to brag on my kids. They really are such good kids. We have adjusted our mornings to encompass attending the before-care program at school so that I do not have to drive all over the place before I even get to work. So, that means we are leaving the house at 7:00 a.m. in the mornings. Of course, I don't want to give up or miss my workouts. So, Sarah has been a lifesaver. I get her up before I leave and she has a quiet house to get ready (but she's up and, in effect, babysitting) and then she gets the kids up about 30 minutes earlier than we used to get up so they can be get dressed, clean up their rooms and get breakfast. All of the kids have been spectacular about making their lunches before going to bed so that's not something we're rushing around trying to do in the mornings. I get home from working out and get my shower, get dressed and -- if workout didn't go over -- I can even get breakfast. They also are on their own for a short period of time after school but they are so good about not turning on the T.V. and doing their homework. (Although, I did tell Sarah that they were allowed to watch the Royals game this afternoon if they wanted, but homework still had to get done quickly afterward with no complaints.) Anyway, the kids are fantastic. I'm very blessed.

Craig has also adjusted. He has to go to bed early since he has to get up so early. So, he hasn't been staying up late watching Royals games or anything. I think he enjoys the work he is doing so far and considers this a good move for him. Now, we just need to figure out how to get his workouts worked back into our schedule.

As for me, I'm trying to stay afloat with all the changes. It's difficult to adjust to relying on rides home for the kids or directing that they walk home (we only live 3 blocks from the school). Since the Paleo challenge ended, I've not stuck to it as closely as I wanted to, so I keep thinking I need to get back on it. But, it's difficult when there's little time for breakfast prep. Plus, my personality is an all-or-nothing sort when it comes to this. I have to say, I really love eating Paleo, but I have to do it strictly -- I have a hard time doing "a little bit" of non-paleo. I think if I had to say one thing I don't like about Paleo is that it's so hard to stick with it long-term -- at least for me, right now -- without an actual goal for it (like a "Challenge"). I think I'm going to coast through the next two-and-a-half months with the holidays and maybe try to go three months strict Paleo and see if going that long helps me over the hump to where it might be a but more difficult to fall off the wagon. I'm still getting all of my workouts in, which I am very pleased about. On Sunday, I ran my three miles at an 8:44 pace. Thanks to the fact that I really need new shoes, though, my knees have hurt since. I also climbed the rope again this morning. I am getting faster at it! Work is going okay. I'm trying to navigate a role change that is difficult at this stage, but I have people on my side willing to help. So, I am hopeful in the next year or two I can move into a role that I think is a great fit for me and where I could be for the rest of my working life.

Vincent has had to adjust to being at daycare more than he was before. I think he's getting there. One day last week I asked him if he had fun that day and he said, "No." and I said, "Oh no! What happened?" and he replied, "No one picks me up after nap anymore." You see, the schedule was that Craig would pick up the kids from school and then directly go and pick up Vincent, so he was picked up no later than 4:00 every day and usually 3:40 or so. He would get up from nap and then get picked up. But, now, he can be there until 5:30 if I pick him up. Even if Craig gets there, it's not as early as before. But I think he's starting to get used to it. Also, he is going five days a week -- which is new for him, too.

I'm sure we'll all get used to this new normal soon. Of course, then Craig might be put on the evening shift and we'll need to figure out a new routine. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

In the meantime, we're having a blast watching our Boys in Blue in the post-season this October. I am elated that the Royals are one win away from the World Series. How cool it would be to sweep into the World Series! Let's go, Royals!

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  1. That's fantastic that your family is pulling together to make the new schedule a blessing rather than a curse. Praying that the transition continues to get smoother!


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