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October 27, 2014

Monday Mumble - 77

Good Monday Morning. It's about the time of year where I count how many more Mondays there are...so including today, there are TEN more Mondays in 2014. Okay, that's scary. Let's mumble, shall we?

1. Craig and I had a rare chance to get out with a couple of friends for dinner Friday night. We hadn't been able to see this couple in well over a year. In the meantime, she's battled and beaten breast cancer, our kids have all gotten older (and busier!!) and we had a great time catching up with them.
Sweet friend and she's so pretty!
One of the best parts was that they needed to bring their youngest since their daughter wasn't feeling well enough to watch him. He and Dominic are about 8 months apart in age and have always gotten along so well. I love how it seemed like we all just picked up where we left off. We had a great visit.

Dominic and his friend with dessert
ummmm, face first? haha
2. The Royals are in the World Series. They are currently down in the series 2-3 to the San Francisco Giants. BUT! The series returns to Kansas City tomorrow night and I am praying they win and push it to a 7th game Wednesday night. Of course, I hope they win the whole thing, but one prayer at a time, right?

3. This coming weekend I will compete for the first time in a CrossFit competition. I am excited! Craig is signed up, too. Of course, his new job decided to make working Saturday a "Mandatory" day, but if they switch it to "Voluntary" he hopes to still be able to compete.

The Coach Friday Morning caught this photo while
I was swinging a kettlebell :)

4. On Saturday (day before yesterday) I strung together pull-ups for the first time! They are still "Kipping" pull-ups, but I didn't fall off the bar and I did four in a row! Then this morning, I did pull-ups with the whole workout. That made me feel accomplished! I continue to attend my workouts in the mornings before work. I'm grateful for Sarah being willing to get up early and help me out with this. Considering Craig's schedule will be nights, this is going to have to continue for the foreseeable future.

5. So, the new job for Craig. It's going well. He's working a lot. I think he likes getting paid overtime (something he didn't get in his last position) and we're wading through all the benefits, which are very good. We're getting used to the new schedule. This week is a transition week, next week he starts his "for real" shift, which is nights. We did nights when he worked at the casino, so no biggie there. But I do have to figure out transportation for all the kids activities a bit differently. I'm going to be working all day and driving around all evening it looks like.

6. Sarah's volleyball season with her 8th grade team at school is going very well. They are undefeated and having a good time. Starting next week, she'll be attending some special sessions and/or practices for her club team as well as finishing out the regular season for school. It will be busy!

7. Dani gets started back up swimming (again) Monday next week. They had a change in Aquatics director at the Y who has spent October trying to ramp up the program a little bit and ensuring coaches can be at practices. Dani still wants to improve enough to try and make it onto the competitive team through the YMCA. She still needs to perfect her Breastroke and Butterfly. I know she'll do it with some hard work. She set a goal to be ready to try out in February, so we'll see.

8. Helen is all signed up for basketball this year. She wanted me to help coach again, so I said I would. We haven't found out our practice time(s) yet. That may very well throw a wrench into things, too. Hoping to find out soon!!

9. The first quarter for school ended last week. We have conferences this week. After our initial assessment with Helen, and adding some opportunity for one-on-one study time with her godmother, she salvaged the first quarter nicely. She still has some work to do in Math, but as she went in for her Friday quizzes last week, I told her, "It's a new quarter! Double-check your work and take your time to get started on the right foot."

10. The new schedule for Craig means we have to figure out a new day/time to get grocery shopping done. We've done a couple of different things so far. One week, Craig went on a Friday evening. Then, I had Friday off work a week ago, so I was able to do it then. But this past week, there was no opportunity to go until Saturday. Oi vey. I do not like grocery shopping on Saturday midday. I am NOT going to do that again. I'm looking over next weekend's schedule and trying to see how we can switch it up this time. That's the hard part about Craig getting weekends off just like me -- except that he's worked an extra day the last couple of weeks anyway -- the option to do certain things during the week when it's not crazy-busy has been almost eliminated. But, we'll figure it out, I am sure.
Vincent dressed himself Saturday.
And he was crazy in the grocery store, too.

Have a great week!






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  1. You look very intense and focused with that kettle bell. :)


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