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August 28, 2015

Life Happens Whether We're Ready or Not

Hello, again!

There has been a lot going through this ol' brain of mine the past few weeks, but I just haven't had the courage to put anything out here. I fell out of the rhythm of blogging almost a year ago and I have to say, that while it's freeing in some ways, it is making me sad in others. I'm a person with a need to share. Share my experience, my feelings, my happenings. And I haven't been sharing anything. And I'm full, and feel like it's about to spill out, so I need to find a way to share again.

Many changes have taken place for my family in a very short span of time. I had already shared my husband's job change from last fall. That's still going well, praise be to God! He seems to enjoy the work and it's providing nice benefits for our family, though not of the take-home pay variety. But nice benefits, nonetheless. His job change made a career move for me possible.

At the beginning of this month, I started working toward getting licensed to sell real estate. Due to the location of Kansas City, it was required that I get licensed in two states. I've completed all the requirements and am simply waiting on notification that the second license has been awarded. Within another month, I will be trained and able to begin selling new homes. I'm really excited about the opportunity, but scared, too, because it is something completely different.

So...I'm trying my hand at new home sales. St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us!

This new work schedule has some perks: days off mid-week, when everyone else is working, so I get to run through a quarter-full grocery store, get kids' dentist and doctor appointments done without calling out of work, etc. But...it's also pretty crazy since our children are active in school, activities, etc.

I began the search for a part-time nanny. St. Gianna Molle, pray for us!

My Sarah began high school this month. I'm excited for her. She's in honors classes and she selected electives that she truly wanted to learn and will enjoy, she's playing volleyball on the Freshman team and has made some friends.

Dani started middle school, too. I'm reminded of how this period of time started for Sarah, and while it's somewhat different for Dani, she's going through the moodiness of a preteen. I guess experience is good because I just shrug most of it off. But...SIGH. I'm just kind of not ready to do middle school again, but I have no choice, haha. At least Dani is active in cross country, still reads a couple books a week in addition to her school work, and has taken the time to continue developing her artistic talents. And, she really is a good girl. She's helpful in many ways for me since she can babysit the younger children and help get dinner on the table. All useful things in life.

Helen started fourth grade. Promptly, within the first 5 school days, she and I had tears over homework. Thank God Beth (her godmother) can still come once a week this year to do extra work with Helen. You know, I've thought many times about my inadequacies, since I can't handle much homework time with Helen. But then I remember how blessed I am to have good friends who can pick up my slack. Helen is still doing swim lessons each Saturday. I think she has a goal to do the summer swim team next year and I hope that happens. It would be fun for her! She is also playing volleyball with her class and I am glad for that, too.

Dominic started first grade this year. He seems to love it so far. He's also playing Flag Football and he also takes swim lessons each Saturday at the Y. He has started to enjoy lego sets, reading independently, and still likes to play with his little brother.

Vincent is going to Pre-K this year, Monday through Friday all day long. it's good for him. He cried when I dropped him off, but then we discovered that he wouldn't turn on the water works for his sisters. So, now they walk him to his room and he has a great start to his days.  He's going to start swim lessons each Saturday at the end of September. Maybe I can get all of the younger four to do the Barracudas next summer...that will be cool.

One change for our family this year is that I am enrolling all the kids in the parish's Sunday night program. It was a requirement for Sarah anyway because she is to be confirmed in the spring, so she has to attend the confirmation program. But Dani will be attending public high school when the time comes and if she gets involved in the middle school youth programs at the parish, she will have the opportunity to start meeting some kids she will go to high school with. Helen and Dominic are kind of getting thrown in for good measure. I don't have a specific reason to send them, other than I'm excited that our parish's Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program extends through 5th grade now. Vincent will be doing the preschool Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. All four of my other children were able to attend this at their Grandma's parish with an overnight visit thrown in. But, with Vincent attending pre-K M-F, it's not possible for him to go do that, so I still wanted him to go through it. Maybe Craig and I will be able to take advantage of any programs they have for the parents on Sunday nights (sometimes they have apologetics type programs on Sundays...or they did at one point).

The last 8 weeks or so have been a drain on the emotions, I am not gonna lie. The first week of Sarah at high school, I had to stop myself from thinking about it. Everyone I know that has had a kid through high school says that it's over so fast. I know that is true. It's only four years. And Sarah could be off to college in four years. Away from me. So, thinking about that just made me tear up too much. And it's weird because I've always been on the side of wanting my kids to grow up. I love it when they tackle something new and meet new milestones. But, it's been so weird for Sarah to hit this point in life. It's that bittersweet feeling, I guess, where you're so proud of this child that you have watched grow up thus far, so excited for what life has in store for them, but yet worried about them leaving the nest and being on their own and sad for the end of your parent-child time. Well, I need to keep it together and stop thinking about it and live in the present. That is what I have been trying to do when I realized I was getting too sad thinking about Sarah growing up and leaving for college or something...live right now, enjoy this awesome girl living in my house, watch her grow and learn and conquer the world she lives in today.

The job change has also contributed to the emotional swings. I'm excited. I'm scared. I just want to get started, but I have so much to learn. I have new team members and I want to know if they like me and how we will work together.

Finally, the emotional changes over the course of the last 10 months have aided in my ignoring health and body cues and, of course, I've gained weight. Because that is what I do when I lose the control over external factors in my life. I just don't handle it well. I'm really glad the gym is doing a nutrition challenge starting in September. I am hopeful I can commit and get that part of my life back under control. I've maintained my rigorous workout schedule, I just haven't monitored the food side of things very well. (But you knew that would be the way it goes down with me, now didn't ya?)

I remember when I was having a baby every two to three years and I thought life couldn't be more hectic than it was then. But, I haven't had a baby in the house for 2+ years now and life only seems to be getting more hectic. My family is growing up quickly and in so many different ways. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pray for us!